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What I Read This Summer

What I Read This Summer

I can almost guarantee that if you came over this summer, you’d find me laying on the couch, book in hand while sweating it out, or out on a walk listening to an audiobook. I read what felt like a lot… until I looked at my Goodreads and saw I only read two books in August. Meh. I’ve already well made-up for it by finishing 6 books in September so far, but still - I’m pretty disappointed with August’s performance (although I know I started a lot of novels that I wasn’t inspired to finish). Regardless, here’s what I read this summer.

Inspired by Grace’s reading lists, I included a grade of what I thought. My top recs would be to listen to This Is Me and read Ghosted. Or Sharp Objects (before watching the mini-series). Enjoy!


I was really excited to read this one. A couple meets and falls in love in six short days, but then he just stops calling. She freaks out a little (a lot, in face) and becomes a little stalker-ish trying to find him. I thought it was going to be more of a love story, but it was more of a mystery. That said, I didn’t guess the twist until the end which makes for a pretty good read. | B+

All We Ever Wanted

Another one that I was counting down the days to get. Long story short: Nina, a small-town girl who married into Nashville’s elite, and Tom, a single dad working multiple jobs, have two kids attending the same school. The story follows the pair — a spoiled rich kid and a semi outcast — after a provocative photo was taken at a drunk party. I was really into it at first but kind of disappointed with the ending. | B

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

When Harry Potter weekend was a thing on Freeform, I always had it on in the background so I knew the movies like the back of my hand. When I started to think about audiobooks, a friend recommended listening to the Harry Potter series from the beginning, I knew it would be a fun refresher. I forgot how much happens in the books that didn’t make it to the movies! | A-

Sharp Objects

After forgetting that my book club was reading this and then, around the same time, hearing some friends rave about the mini-series, I knew I had to read this ASAP so I could watch the series. I rarely buy books but I bought this one because the library wait list was so long and I wanted to know what happened before getting spoilers at book club. I could have gone without buying it but I have to admit, it was pretty good. Better than Gone Girl, for sure. | B+

When Live Gives you Lululemons

This was the long-awaited sequel (or last in a trilogy — I had no idea there was a second book) to The Devil Wears Prada. I tried to read The Devil Wear’s Prada but just wasn’t into it, so I watched the movie as a refresher before diving into this book. I wouldn’t say it was amazing by any means, and it definitely wasn’t what I envisioned Emily’s story to be. But it was fun picturing Emily Blunt living within the infamous Connecticut mom life for a little bit. | B-

The Summer of Jordi Perez

I was in desperate need of a feel good YA novel and this one hit the spot. The writing wasn’t amazing, but the story — a young girl ends up going against another girl at an internship but they (spoiler) end up falling in love over the course of a summer — was cute and easy to get lost in. | C+

This is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today

I am a huge This Is Us fan. My heart breaks at least once during every episode, but it also makes me laugh and smile. It’s so real. When I saw that one of the stars, Chrissy Metz, wrote a tell-all, I knew I had to read it. I relate to her character, Kate — an overweight girl fighting to figure out her place in her family, relationship, and career — the most on the show, and it was special to hear how she got to be where she is. She seems extremely humble and down-to-Earth; I’d love to meet her one day. Highly, highly recommend the audiobook as she narrates it herself. It’s like you’re talking one-on-one. | A

Famous in Love

I really wanted to watch the show on ABC? Freeform? — I can’t remember which network now — but I, of course, had to read the book first. I read this and it’s sequel (next) in a few short days, mostly so I could get to the show. The show only really follows the book during the first episode, so I’m glad I read it first, as I would have been disappointed had I watched and then read. | B

Truly Madly Famously

This was the sequel to Famous and Love and I read it just because I felt like I had to. I wanted to finish the story… but wasn’t overly wow-ed by it. That said, you can’t read the first in a series and not finish it. | C+

Hey Ladies!

I had heard great things about this book — namely, that it was hilarious — but it was a tough one to get through. Basically, it follows a group of friends/bridesmaids in NYC in the year leading up to one of their weddings. It was told via email and texts and I didn’t laugh out loud even once. Maybe it just didn’t align to my style, but I was really disappointed with this one. | C-

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