Portland Faves
where to eat (and get coffee)

Bamboo Sushi

For sushi…
If you’re looking for fancier sushi, Bamboo’s where it’s at. Their roles are unique — the last one I had had green apple and crab in it. They also have a killer burger that’s definitely worth ordering.


For ramen…
This is absolute go-to and is the first place we bring any guests. The ramen is spot on, but the karaagee (fried chicken) is seriously out of this world. I dream about this place.

Por Que No

For Mexican…
This place is famous for their tacos, but I always get Bryan’s Bowl with carne asada. The quesadilla is also the best I’ve ever had (it’s because they use quesa oaxaca). Whatever you do, don’t leave without ordering chips, guac and salsa.

Mediterranean Exploration Company

For Mediterranean…
We don’t go often, but this is a great (albeit, expensive) spot for dinner. It can be really heavy, so if you’re looking for something lighter with similar flavors, look into Tusk. Also delish, just different.
Runner-up: Tusk

Eb and Bean

For dessert…
For anyone who’s dairy-free, this is the place to go for dessert. They have amazing almond- and coconut-based froyo (flavors change regularly) with the ultimate topping bar. The cacao and sea salt, dark choc chips, and coco whip are divine.


For breakfast/brunch…
Go early and expect to have a seriously good Scandinavian-style breakfast. The fika board is a must.
Runner-up: Bijou


For food carts…
There’s a pod (aka group) of food carts on 10th and Alder that’s literally a full city block full of food trucks. But it’s busy and overwhelming, so I prefer this one. There’s about 20 carts with tables so you can sit and enjoy your food.
Runner-up: Alder St. Food Cart Pod

Pip’s Originals

For a morning treat…
If you’re a huge chai person like me, you’ll love the chai flight here. And it comes with mini donuts, made to order.
Runner-up: Papa Hydn

Courier Coffee

For coffee…
Portland is known for it’s coffee shops. There are so many that I love, but Courier Coffee takes the cake. Runner-ups: Barista, Heart Roasters, and Stumptown, of course.
Runner-ups: Heart or Barista


For sandwiches…
This is a actually tie between Lardo and Bunk. We had the best sandwich ever at Bunk but it was a special so we haven’t seen it since (so sad), but the sides at Lardo are beyond. The hush puppies are to die for.
Runner-up: Bunk

Thai Peacock

For Thai…
We always go out for Thai food when it’s time to read through the voting pamphlets, and this is our favorite spot to go. They don’t mind if we camp out for a while, and the appetizers are good.
Runner up: Thai Bloom

Luc Lac

For Vietnamese…
We have pho almost every week at our neighborhood fave, but this is a good one in Portland. Matt hasn’t been yet, so I have to take him ASAP.


For 100% gluten free…
The Venezuelan-inspired bowls and arepas are so good you won’t even know they’re gluten free.
Runner-up: Verde Cocina (Mexican)

Piazza Italia

For Italian…
We went here for Valentine’s Day and it was such a fun night. I had a handmade pasta dish, but I’m not sure if they make everything homemade or not. Grassa, on the other hand, I’m sure is 100% homemade. Both are delicious.
Runner-up: Grassa


*For ease, I kept it to places within city limits. There’s a ton of good spots in the Western suburbs (particularly Lake Oswego and Beaverton), too, so don’t feel limited!